Meet Cristiane

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope this is a wonderful and exciting time of preparation for you and your family.

I believe birth can be a powerful and beautiful event that shapes a woman's life. My interest in becoming a doula was first sparked by a doula friend who spoke so passionately about birth to me. I hardly realized at the time that she had planted a seed. Years later when I became pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula by my side to help my husband and I through our journey. I loved reading about the changes happening week-by-week in my pregnancy, looking for natural remedies for my discomforts, and preparing for the birth. Having doula support during the labor and postpartum time made a big difference to us. Pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood have been the most wonderful, transformative, and at times, incredibly challenging experiences in my life. Through these seasons, the seed that was planted sprouted into a new passion and direction for me.

As a doula, my goals are to: (1) Honor Your Birth: I recognize that this is a special, sacred time for you and your family, and I uphold your choices and decisions. I support what you want for your birth - whether natural or epidural, home or hospital. (2) Pamper The Mother: I make every effort for you, the mama, to feel well-cared for. (3) Empower You: whether sharing comfort measures, or providing evidence-based information about your medical choices, I hope you will feel equipped to welcome this transformation with confidence and joy!

I am currently working toward certification with DONA International. I have been trained by a DONA approved trainer, and have additional training in integrative healing arts, including rebozo, and helping to achieve optimal positioning for baby. I also volunteer as a doula with Sutter Davis Birth Center. I speak Portuguese fluently, and have conversational Spanish and German for clients desiring services in their own language.

My favorite things in life outside of spending time with my husband and son, are: a good book, a cappuccino, and a generous portion of Brazilian "pao de queijo" (cheese bread!).

Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to schedule a free consultation. Many blessings on your birth journey!

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